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Join us

In Promoting Equality and Non-Discrimination

in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

ERAO SVG is looking for persons who are passionate about human rights, social justice, equality, and/or non-discrimination.


We want individuals who join the organization to be as active as reasonably possible. We appreciate our members' knowledge, talents, and resources and we want them to feel valued and involved in the organization.


To this end, where reasonably practicable, we desire our members to voluntarily make their contributions in helping to move ERAO SVG forward (e.g., share their ideas, use their talents, use their resources, tap into their networks, make donations, volunteer for a position of leadership in the organization, etc).


We also value the involvement of our members, this can mean attending events (whether virtual or in-person), being involved in an outreach programme (e.g., if we decide to visit a community, organization, or group of people), and helping to raise funds for the organization (e.g., if we have a fundraiser).


Apart from these, ERAO SVG also has an annual fee of EC $20.00 for members, who when they first join pay an entrance fee of EC $5.00. These fees, though small, help the organization to raise funds to finance its work. This fee shows the commitment of members to the organization, as, without finances, we cannot do much. It is expected that members or prospective members will pay these fees.

To become a member, click the button below titled "Become a member" and fill out the Google Membership Online Form.

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